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Park advertising :: May 17, 2007
Park advertising    (click for previous picture)
Apparently Audi thought that it would be a good idea to use public parks as locations for their "larger-than-life marketing campaign". Obviously it is tough to make an impression in an overly saturated ad market, so why not turn to our public green space to hawk your wares?

If you follow this link to their press release you can find e-mail addresses where you can send respectful concerns (or your approval, I suppose) about their choice to put ads in our parks (this one is in Stratford Park at Bayview and Blythwood Ave).

Update 3: Cool! Besides being in the Toronto Star, this story has also made it to the AutoBlog, and bigger yet, Boing Boing (and both used my photos!)

Update 2: SUCCESS! Apparently the message got through loud and clear. I've heard from the Director of Communications / Marketing & PR at Audi Canada, who assured me that the "movement schedule of the TT sculptures has them only in private locations from the end of today forward". He still maintained that the permits were "for the purpose of photographing / filming the TT sculptures in unique settings specific to Toronto", even though their press release makes it clear that the sculptures ARE the marketing material...

Update 1: More details on just how this happened, from the excellent site, as well as a good discussion (and my photos) on the Spacing Blog.
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