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AGO Bacon Moore - Knife Edge :: April 3, 2014
AGO Bacon Moore - Knife Edge    (click for previous picture)
The Art Gallery of Ontario has another great exhibit - Francis Bacon and Henry Moore: Terror and Beauty. While the two artists never worked together, they are products of a similar time in England. Even though they had very different personalities and lifestyles, and worked in different media, their work goes very well together.

The exhibit is arranged across different themes, including violence. It is easy to see the violence in Francis Bacon's images, but as Dr. Francis Warner (Emeritus Fellow, St. Peter's College, University of Oxford) said: "the bones [of violence] poke through" many of Moore's sculptures as well. I thought this rough edge in Working Model for Standing Figure: Knife Edge was a good example of that (fiberglass, 1961, part of the many works Henry Moore gave to the AGO, this one in 1973).

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