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My Viemo Whiteglove video :: March 3, 2008

White Glove Tracking from David Sky on Vimeo.

Not really sure I'm using my new power of adding videos for good, here. I stumbled upon an interesting processing.org video by David Wicks that made use of the data from the White Glove Tracking project, where a group of people worked through all 10,060 frames of Michael Jackson performing Billy Jean and gathered the glove's X,Y co-ordinates, as well as the size of the glove (what people will do in their free time!).

I decided to give it a go, and using a Perl script calculated the commands needed for Image Magick to scale each frame so that the glove was always the same size, and pan each frame so that the glove is in the center of the image.

To make it clearer that the glove (when on screen) is always in the centre I added the cross hairs, too. I then left my computer on over night churning through each frame, added the sound back in, et voila!

Here's an example command to process frame 3,585:

convert video-datax-background.jpg -draw "image Over 2566, 2216 1185, 857 video-data\mj_bet_HD03585.jpg" -crop 640x480+2880+2160 new-frame\mj_bet_HD03585.jpg

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